Spring Surprises

Memorial House of Mother Teresa SkopjeThe flowers have started to come out, despite a lingering chill, and on this note I present several noteworthy new pieces. First is a timely text on Mother Teresa in the Balkans, published in March by The UK Catholic magazine The Tablet. The article, which gives readers an insight into the specific places most associated with the Skopje-born nun in Macedonia and Kosovo, is particularly timely considering the recent announcement by the Vatican regarding her impending sanctification.
The Memorial House of Mother Teresa (above) in Skopje, Macedonia contains heirlooms and unique details about the soon-to-be saint and local daughter.

Ba-aby! A mad scheme to invent a novel in two weeks last December, with the help of 14 different authors, has resulted in one wild ride- A Cathedral in a Bell Jar: the Untold Story of Elvis Presley.
A Cathedral in a Mason Jar the Untold Story of Elvis Presley- Chris Deliso


Since spring seems to be on our doorstep, enjoy this classic Hidden Europe text, Kratovo: a Town Worth Its Salt.

Kratovo- man and donkeyPublished in 2014, this engaging article tells the story of one of Macedonia’s most endearing and eccentric small towns. Known for its local cuisine (including a pungent salt), Kratovo has three small rivers, crossed by Ottoman stone bridges and a tower.

There’s even a refurbished hotel, creaky small guest house, desultory pub and underground tunnels. There’s even an abandoned Masonic lodge that hosts children’s art shows, nearby hill walks, and legends of buried treasure. What’s not to love?

Then we have two pieces that have caused excitement among those persons and groups interested in espionage and intrigue; my Balkanalysis.com exclusive on German BND targeting of Russian influence in Greece, and my essay on the European migration crisis, in The American Interest. The latter also resulted in my podcast interview with the magazine (starting from the 15:40 mark here).

In fictional exploits, I also had great fun working with 13 other authors on an experimental novel from tNY Press. A Cathedral in a Mason Jar: the Untold Story of Elvis Presley, is a weird and wonderful collaborative masterpiece to which I contributed two fairly entertaining chapters.

Read also an excerpt from my unpublished 3rd Emperor novella is now in the Electronic Encyclopedia of Experimental Literature (The EEEL) by tNY.Press.

Those interested in literature will also enjoy Some Notes on the Inflection of Lobster, published earlier by The Pedestal Magazine here.

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