OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWelcome to the official website of American writer Chris (Christopher) Deliso.

I have over two decades of professional experience as a travel author, journalist, literary writer and analyst of political, religious, security and other affairs, primarily in the Southeast European region.

Since graduating from Oxford with an Honours MPhil in Byzantine Studies in 1999, I’ve lived and worked in Turkey, Greece and Macedonia, and traveled widely through Europe, the Caucasus and Middle East.

My writing and research skills have kept me in demand over the years, working as I have for some of the biggest and most influential companies in the world. For example, I contributed to over 20 travel guides and other titles for Lonely Planet, the world leader in travel, and contributed regularly on Balkan politics for The Economist’s flagship subscriber service, the EIU.

In addition to having published hundreds of articles and several other books on topics from travel and culture to terrorism and migration crises, I continue to speak in public audiences including international conferences in Europe an the US, with numerous closed-door presentations on the Balkans for US government agencies.

Here on my personal website, you’ll find updated information on my publications and upcoming projects, plus some insights into places I love to visit.

See the pages Travel (for articles), as well as  Guides (for travel guides and coffee-table books) and Analysis for more details. I also conduct regular consulting such as political risk, resources risk, due diligence and corporate investigations for consulting firms in the US and Europe: if you represent such a company and have a project where my expertise is needed, do get in touch.

Writing has been my lifelong passion and primary vocation. I have successfully navigated the often choppy waters of professional freelance writing in the internet age, and continue to make a living in this manner. Teaching and seminars on my main subjects of expertise have also comprised part of the job since the beginning, way back in 2002.

What keeps me motivated and curious is simple: meeting an incredible variety of people from all walks of life and very many countries. This has been one of the enduring highlights of my writing career. Their stories and experiences continue to stretch the limits of my imagination, and often make me laugh.

 In 2003 I founded a little independent news and analysis website called Balkanalysis.com. It was one of a kind, being totally independent and featuring a host of international experts all contributing original research on the region that continues to be noted today by experts, governments, business and academics. By the end of 2018, I now longer had time to administer the site, but it remains and (along with the on-site archive) has spawned ebooks on Kindle and a large database on CEEOL.com (for university clients).

In addition to these sites and my published portfolio, you can also see  my external author pages on Amazon.com and Hidden Europe, and find me on LinkedIn as well as Twitter.