OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWelcome to the official website of American writer Chris (Christopher) Deliso.

Here you’ll find updated information on my publications and upcoming projects, plus some insights into places I have been involved with over the past seventeen years. These include the Balkans, Mediterranean, and other places too.

I have written for numerous leading world  media, in fields ranging from travel, history and tourism to political intelligence and security. See the pages Travel, Gui des, and Analysis for more details.

Since the age of five, writing has been my primary vocation. I was always very certain about that. In the beginning, the books were about nature and geography, for the most part. A few years have passed since then. I have worked for the last twelve or so years on a full-time basis with varieties of writing including travel writing, journalism and business writing, editing, translation and special analyses.

Meeting an incredible variety of people from all walks of life and very many countries has been one of the enduring highlights of my writing career. Their stories and experiences continue to stretch the limits of my imagination, and often make me laugh. This has provided a whole lot of material for other, less non-fictional works to come.

People sometimes ask me why I chose the region about which I primarily write. Actually, it was pretty much an accident. At the end of the last century, during my Byzantine Studies MPhil course at Oxford, I had the opportunity to visit Istanbul, study in Thessaloniki, decamp at the monasteries of Mt Athos, and subsequently spend a year on the incomparable Greek island of Crete.  After that I have lived in the Republic of Macedonia and traveled in all of the neighboring countries, as well as countries like Turkey, Georgia, Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, Ireland, Romania, Israel and elsewhere.

Just for the hell of it, in 2003 I founded a little independent news and analysis website called Balkanalysis.com. There was no plan, except to publish stories that I found interesting but did not find in the subsidized media. This ended up taking much more time from my schedule than I had expected. It has always struck me as a minor miracle that the site not only survived but even made a certain impact among decision-makers and the like.

Over time we developed an evolving network of distinguished contributors from various countries. The website (read more about Balkanalysis.com here) is read mostly by those with a professional interest, including political analysts, parliamentarians and congressional officials, academic researchers and journalists, foreign investors, NGO figures, various intelligence agencies, defense ministries and so on. Writing and editing for this little site has given me further opportunities in the form of speaking at interesting events in front of interesting people.

You can also see my external author pages on Amazon.com and Hidden Europe, and find me on LinkedIn.