My books range from travelogue to history to current events, geopolitics, and more recently, the European migrant crisis. My works generally (though not always) focus on the Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean regions. These books often include exclusive researchl, interviews and revelations not found elsewhere.

The History of Croatia and Slovenia (Oxtober 2020)

The History of Croatia and Slovenia is an upcoming textbook for the Greenwood Press countries series, designed for the general reader (but of course, containing some more intriguing and obscure historical tidbits as well).

This accessible yet comprehensive textbook provides readers curious about these neighboring Adriatic countries with a solid introduction to the political history that led to their development: the key events that shaped these nations, from Roman and medieval times to the birth of nationalism, Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav iterations.

In this light, an added benefit of the book is the amount of peripheral historical introduction readers get to the civilizations, kingdoms and empires that interacted with the proto-Slovenes and Croats. Everyone from the Goths and Avars to the Byzantines, Ottomans and Habsburgs are encountered in my retelling, as well as some of the lesser-known but important actors, such as the swashbuckling Narentine pirates of the Adriatic.

Of course, a good amount of coverage is reserved for modern Croatia and Slovenia (during and after the two Yugoslavias), and all of this history is presented in the context of the 19th century ‘Illyrian Movement’ for South Slavic unity, the mortal showdown between communism and royalism, the wars of the 1990s. The book’s final chapter concludes by bringing the reader up to speed on what has happened in Croatia and Slovenia since the wars and independence from Yugoslavia, including political affairs, social and economic trends, emerging attitudes to global issues like the environment, and the unusually prominent place these two relatively small countries continue to play in popular culture, music and sport internationally.


The Macedonia Deception

The most explosive novel ever written about  Macedonia, this 450-page colossus weaves together four stories taking place over a century apart, all intersecting in a web of intrigue, assassinations and entangling alliances between politicians, businessmen and spies, all fighting for control of Macedonia and its riches.

When a CIA/MI6 regime change plot leads to the installation of a quisling communist regime in the conservative Balkan country, out-of work security officer Aleksandar Karastefanov and fellow patriots rebuild a century-old Macedonian secret revolutionary organization to destroy foreign intelligence networks and topple the government- bringing them into direct conflict with other secretive organizations and shadow actors with their own motives for seeking control over the small Balkan country. An espionage and political thriller, The Macedonia Deception also satirizes the incompetent and malign figures bent on the country’s destruction. In what may well be an elegy for a doomed country, the author brings his formidable insight and unparalleled knowledge of local realities into fictional format for the first time. The result is an explosive work of literature meant for active-minded, curious readers in the unfolding ‘Age of the Anons’ in which we are now living.


Migration War: Intelligence and Terrorism in an Age of Deception

This concept-driven field handbook assesses the key factors making the 2015 European migration crisis an event with serious ongoing repercussions for European security. Written by the author of the comprehensive study Migration, Terrorism, and the Future of a Divided Europe: A Continent Transformed (Praeger, 2017), this concise work takes a bare-bones approach to identifying the specific risks and activity scenarios accompanying the mass migration into Europe beginning in early 2015.

With coverage divided into short, easy to read sections, this book provides insights that are relevant for both the layman and experienced practitioner. It develops and defines, for the first time, a theory of Migration War as “an extended category of deliberate actions and systemic processes including but not limited to psychological warfare, public manipulation, policy creation and implementation, financial accumulation, organized criminal endeavors, paramilitary and terrorist activities, covert intelligence operations and other specific acts of aggression or deception deriving from migration.”


Behind the European Project: Shadow Aristocracy, Secret Networks, Religious Orders and an Unholy Union

Although the European Union is often presented as a benign ‘peace project,’ the reality is somewhat different.

There are two histories of the European Union- the bland official one, one which lauds a supposedly benevolent union of common values, and another, more sinister and hidden one. In Behind the European Project: Shadow Aristocracy, Secret Networks, Religious Orders and an Unholy Union, readers are introduced to both the original founding legends of today’s EU, and the shadow brokers who played – and continue to play – the key role in promoting the European Projects ideological, financial and political goals.

Recounted in an approachable yet comprehensive style, this book documents the widely unknown deep history of 20th century European unification movements- and their continued trajectory today.

Indeed, well into the 21st century, the very forces that were so instrumental in advancing core European interests are more determined than ever to realize their long-standing dream of a cross-continental political and economic bloc, one in which state sovereignty of European countries is subordinated to the technocratic and plutocratic demands of a centralized system, guided again from the shadows by influential globalist networks from the spheres of politics, religion, economy and intelligence.


Migration, Terrorism and the Future of a Divided Europe: a Continent Transformed migration-terrorism-and-the-future-of-a-divided-europe-chris-deliso-psi

The European migration crisis and its security, intelligence, political and economic and strategic dimensions constitute the subject of this detailed study. Drawing on years of field research and extensive interviews, this monograph from Praeger Security International (available on here) is the most comprehensive work of its type, getting to the heart of the key issues involved and projecting the likely outcomes for Europe – and the world – due to the globalization of migration response and economic interests, in a time of immense political and security challenges facing Europe.

Migration, Terrorism and the Future of a Divided Europe: a Continent Transformed is an indispensable guide for anyone with serious interest in understanding what has occurred in Europe, why individual and institutional responses to it have differed, and what is the likely outcome as global actors seek an ever-increasing role in managing and profiting from the crisis.

Note: potential reviewers and professors interested in teaching this book may seek to obtain copies by following the form instructions on the publisher’s official page, here.


The Macedonian Mosaic: Pieces of Insight from the Pre-Crisis Years

Although the 2015 political crisis in Macedonia received significant globalthe-macedonian-mosaic-pieces-of-insight-from-the-pre-crisis-years-deliso media coverage, the crisis’ deep context has been almost completely ignored. As such, the highly-charged and opaque events that gripped the small Balkan state after January 2015 have not been properly understood- leading to confused and controversial decisions from the United States, the European Union and local political leaders, that left the country mired in uncertainty and political turmoil.

In The Macedonian Mosaic: Pieces of Insight from the Pre-Crisis Years, readers are treated to an insider’s exclusive view of the events and trends that shaped Macedonia during the formative years of 2009-2014. This chronologically-ordered compilation of analyses, interviews and other reports – many not previously available publicly – presents a much-needed corrective to the misinformed reporting of foreign media and diplomats both before and during the crisis.


The Vatican’s Challenges in the Balkans: Bolstering the Catholic Church in 2015 and Beyond

Co-authored with Italian scholar and analyst Matteo Albertini, this landmark study released in early January, 2015 represents the first ChrisDeliso- Vaticans Challenges in the Balkans Cover Imagecomprehensive study of Vatican activities in the Balkans today.

For anyone interested in the role of the Catholic Church, Islam, and the ‘Great Powers’ of modern-day Europe, this is a must-read account that combines a fact-rich presentation with informed analysis from the ground.

Readers can find the book available on Amazon Kindle here. We also expect it to be published in Italian in the same format soon, and will keep readers informed of other future versions (and news on our future coverage) at the dedicated Vatican page here.


Hidden Macedonia: The Mystic Lakes of Ohrid and Prespa

The tectonic lakes of Macedonia, Ohrid and Prespa, are among the most ancient and enthralling in the world, abundant in rare wildlife and the seat of medieval kingdoms, richly endowed with sacred shrines, mysteries and watery legends.

chris-deliso-books-hidden-macedonia-2007In this unprecedented account of a circular summertime journey tracing the lakeshore through three countries, Greece, Albania and the Republic of Macedonia, the author seeks out the spirit of the lakes through encounters with fishermen, philosophers, archaeologists and snakes. At the same time, the travelogue explores searching questions of contemporary perceptions of identity, history and common culture in a region historically known for fractiousness and conflict.

Get more book information, and read special notes from the author about Hidden Macedonia here.


Culture and Customs of Serbia and Montenegro

This approachable, easy-to-read textbook gives a broad introduction to the history, culture, national customs and current affairs of two of Europe’s least-understood countries.

chris-deliso-books-culture-and-customs-of-serbia-and-montenegroPerfect for the general reader or student keen on learning more about Serbia and Montenegro, this book presents in 10 chapters a comprehensive range of topics, including national cuisine and dress, performing arts, literature and cinema, sports, education, art and architecture.

Although the book was published in late 2008, and a number of important events have obviously happened since, it is still sufficient to give the interested reader a general overview of the historic, cultural and social aspects of Serbian and Montenegrin culture.

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The Coming Balkan Caliphate: the Threat of Radical Islam to Europe and the West

Released in 2007, this was the first book to make a comprehensive survey of the development of Islamic fundamentalist ideologies and organizations in several Balkan countries on a comparative basis, underpinned by a general historical narrative thrust and peppered by testimonial from local and international sources on the ground.


The Coming Balkan Caliphate has been praised by ranking US military officials, current and previous UN peacekeepers in the Balkans, intelligence officials of the US and several European countries, academics, journalists and other observers of current events in the Balkans. In recent years the book has been included in the specialized curricula of different branches of the military and intelligence bodies in the US (and other countries).

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