Greek Travel after the Pandemic: Seizing Opportunities in Challenging Times

The summer of 2020 in Greece was like no other since at least the Second World War. The global COVID-19 pandemic severely affected all life in the country, and especially its vital tourism sector. The government’s strict controls through spring 2020 seemed to succeed in bringing the virus outbreaks to a halt, but the economic damage was immense as Greek hoteliers, restaurant owners and other tourism providers lost the majority of their most critical season to EU travel restrictions and border closures.

However, all hope is not lost, as this original series will reveal. Follow below for my exclusive interviews with Greek tourism and hospitality providers as they share their visions for the future of Greek travel after the pandemic.

It is a long and winding road to full recovery for Greek tourism, but have faith- we will get there!


  1. 7/22/20 Greek Travel after the Pan demic, Part I: Ktima Gerovassiliou Winery and Wine Museum

2. 7/25/20 Greek Travel after the Pandemic, Part 2: Giorgos Kontaxis of Zagorohoria‚Äôs Archontiko Dilofo 

3. 7/31/20 Greek Travel after the Pandemic, Part 3: Rena Valyraki, Owner of Hotel Doma, Chania, Crete

4. 8/4/20 Greek Travel after the Pandemic, Part 4: Dimitris Hall, Website Editor, Spotted by Locals, Athens

5. 8/8/20 Greek Travel after the Pandemic, Part 5: Tassos Gourgouras, Milia Mountain Retreat, Crete

6. 8/11/20 Greek Travel after the Pandemic, Part 6: Yiorgos Stergiou, Owner, Kafeteria Lefkos Pyrgos, Samothraki

7. 8/13/20 Greek Travel after the Pandemic, Part 7: Panos Kloutsiniotis, Ladolea Olive Oil