Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2010

chris-deliso-lonely-planet-Best-in-Travel-2010This guide is now a collector’s item. Get it while still available!

For those gearing up for big trips in the coming year, Best in Travel 2010 is a must-have book, detailing the top 10 countries, regions, and cities to visit, plus the best travel experiences you can enjoy- from digging in to off-the-beaten-track adventures in World Cup host South Africa to where to go to launch your own career as a rock star.

The sometimes eccentric and always entertaining offerings in Best in Travel 2010 include taking a hot bath in the mineral springs of Russia’s Lake Baikal, watching the totsal eclipse from Easter Island, partaking in the Pushkar camel fair in India, and running the marathon in Mazatlan, on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.

For this book, Chris Deliso contributed some ideas on where to go for medical adventures abroad- including sex changes in Thailand, a nose job in Tehran, webcam-view dentistry in Macedonia, and arm reattachment in case of polar bear attacks in Greenland, among others.


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