Lonely Planet Eastern Europe 2011

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The 2011 Lonely Planet Eastern Europe guide continues the long tradition of delving into Europe’s more overlooked but unmissable corners, where medieval castles and slowly disappearing monuments to Communism vie for attention with trendy clubs and restaurants, as well as some seriously inventive forms of local transport.

chris-deliso-lonely-planet-eastern-europe-2011Taking 21 countries, from Belarus and Bulgaria to Hungary, Slovakia, Albania, Croatia, the Baltics and Poland, this voluminous work points out the most fun and intriguing destinations- and all the options for accessing them, with plenty of logistical advice, many many maps, and a new easier to read format.

For this guide, Chris Deliso continued the coverage of Macedonia he originated in the 2009 Western Balkans guide– while space was limited, he was able to make some important updates and to even add new places missing in all previous editions.

These include, for the first time, focus on Macedonia’s tranquil south-central expanses: Jasen Nature Reserve and the pristine Porece region leading to Makedonski Brod, plus the nearby Byzantine-origin Zrze Monastery.


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