Lonely Planet Europe on a Shoestring 2011

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The perennially popular guide to the Old World, Lonely Planet’s Europe on a  Shoestring 2011 packs a tremendous amount of info on 45 countries into 1,369 pages of text and maps.

chris-deliso-lonely-planet-europe-on-a-shoestring-2011A joint effort of some 37 authors, this massive work contains condensed coverage from larger country and regional guides, bringing the best of the best for a typically younger audience.

Every corner of Europe is covered, from Iceland, Scandinavia and European Russia to Ukraine, Malta, and Greece. As per custom, technically non-European jumping-off points are thrown in too, like Morocco, Turkey and Cyprus.

For this guide, Chris Deliso reprised his previous efforts in Macedonia, bringing out new details from the quick-changing capital, Skopje, as well as lakeside Ohrid and sophisticated Bitola in the south.


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