Lonely Planet Greece 2008

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Chris Deliso is the voice of Lonely Planet in Greece.

Makedonia newspaper, Thessaloniki, Greece

chris-deliso-lonely-planet-greece-2008The world’s most popular and reliable guidebook to the Mediterranean’s greatest country is back for an eighth edition. In the 2008 guide to Greece, Lonely Planet gets down to details, with expanded coverage of off-the-beaten-track places, ranging from remote islands and mountain villages to offbeat local hangouts and the best in distinctive local cuisine.

In this book, six expert authors cover the country fully, with special sections on food and drink, the ancient Greek pantheon and the environment. Full-color chapters vividly capture the country’s destination highlights, its classic, varied architecture, and its hidden mainland and island reaches.

For this new Greece guide, Chris Deliso contributed chapters on Northern Greece and the Northeastern Aegean Islands. Among the author-recommended highlights in these sections, readers should check out:

  • the glittering micro-resort of Parga, on the Ionian coast (p 341)
  • Epiros’ magical stone-and-slate Zagorohoria villages (p 332)
  • the dolce vita in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second city (p 285)
  • eco-tourism opportunities on Chios, unique home of the gum-producing mastic tree (p 615)
  • the Ottoman and Byzantine remains of ethnically-mixed Komotini in Thrace (p 315)

These are but a few of the fascinating finds one can stumble upon in these huge and extraordinarily diverse regions. Others include the Pomak Muslim villages of the Rhodopi Mountains (p 314), and the hidden cove beaches of eastern Samos (p 602)- both of which are specially highlighted on the book’s back cover.

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