Lonely Planet Greece 2010


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Chris Deliso is the voice of Lonely Planet in Greece.

Makedonia newspaper, Thessaloniki, Greece

Chrisdelisocom-Lonely-Planet-Greece-2010This details-rich guide is the single best companion to one of Europe’s most fascinating and fun countries- especially in summer, when the islands come to life under the warmth and energy of the Mediterranean sun.

With 171 maps and special sections on everything from wines to ferry-plotting, the 2010 Lonely Planet Greece helps you make the most of your time and resources while visiting the country.

For this book, Chris Deliso wrote lengthy chapters on Northern Greece, the Northeastern Aegean Islands, and Crete. Among the exciting new finds he’s brought back from the road include:

  • The long sunsets and specialty lobster of Fourni, a tranquil, little-visited archipelago near Samos
  • Old-school Crete- a land of proud villagers, hidden coves, thyme honey and ornate moustaches
  • Amazing wines – and wineries – in Greece’s fertile north
  • Museums, ranging from Byzantine chic in Veria to modern art in Lesvos
  • The best restaurants, cafes and bars, giving beer lovers a glimmer of hope beyond Greece’s historic monotony of lagers
  • Accommodation breakthroughs, ranging from luxury in Edessa and a friendly budget nook in Thessaloniki to eco-ranchin’ in Thrace and Greece’s most remarkable hostel in Plakias, Crete

From the publisher: Experience the best of Greece with Lonely Planet. Whether that’s taking an evening stroll past the flood-lit Acropolis in Athens, enjoying a crisp white wine on a Santorini vineyard tour, finding your own private beach paradise on tiny Psara, or basking in past glories at Olympia’s atmospheric stadium.


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