Lonely Planet Greece 2012

This guide is now a collector’s item. Get it while still available!


Chris Deliso is the voice of Lonely Planet in Greece.

Makedonia newspaper, Thessaloniki, Greece


Don’t let the bad press and economic woes fool you- Greece is as alluring and exciting a destination as it has always been. This new guide packs in more helpful info than ever, and the all-new layout and maps are easy on the eyes and make for an engaging reading experience.

A lot of work has gone into improving the 2012 Greece guide, from both the research and design point of view. For this book, Chris Deliso wrote the chapters on Northern Greece and Western Crete (Hania).

Some of the places visited were new, and some were old favorites. There has been a gradual progression of additions since the 2008 guide, all leading up to a better and more complete accompaniment for the reader.

Here are a few of the exciting new things Chris has added to the 2012 guide:

  • Appealing new accommodation in the forests of Florina
  • The memorable, candle-wrapped Moni Tsouka near Ioannina in Epiros
  • Fuller coverage of Halkidiki- both eateries and accommodation, plus a bigger assortment of cultural attractions in Ouranoupoli, on the Athos Peninsula
  • More Thessaloniki nightlife
  • Updated monastery info for Mt Athos
  • Some worthwhile new eateries and accom in west Crete, in places like Palaeohora, Hania and Kissamos-Kastelli
  • More info for visiting Gramvousa and its enticing Balos Lagoon

All of these new additions augment the classic coverage of places and happenings that our writers have chronicled for years, in one of the world’s great getaways. The 2012 Lonely Planet guide to Greece


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