Lonely Planet Greek Islands 2010

This guide is now a collector’s item. Get it while still available!

An invaluable companion to Greece’s magical islands, this, the 6th edition of Lonely Planet’s beloved guide to maritime Greece is packed full of useful info and evocative depictions.

Chrisdelisocom-Lonely-Planet-Greek-Islands-2010Both first-time visitors and travelers returning yet again to these long-celebrated islands will find great value -and compelling reading – in the 2010 Lonely Planet Greek Islands guide.

Accompanied by fantastic photos that will only inspire you further to explore Greece’s sublime isles, this light-weight volume is bound to lead you in the right direction.

For this book, Chris Deliso wrote the chapters on Crete and the Northeast Aegean Islands. Among the many highlights and revelations he has brought to life in the book, check out

  • beachfront architectural remnants, such as the ancient temples at Alyki, on Thasos, or Frangokastello in Crete
  • Offbeat and unvisited getaways like Psara, a speck of rock 2hrs from Chios
  • No-frills seafood served up besides bobbing fishing boats in southern Lesvos
  • The immaculate, dazzling white-pebble Seychelles Beach in Ikaria
  • Sharks and jellyfish- safely behind glass along with other wonders of the deep at Crete’s massive Cretaquarium
  • Loveable Azogires, a hamlet buzzing with dragonflies, haunted by river nereids, and bedecked with little churches, in southwestern Crete near Palaeohora

From the publisher: With our 6th edition you’ll find relaxing beaches on laid-back Ikaria, indulge in fine dining on fashionable Mykonos, glide past dolphins on a diving trip near Hydra and explore ancient Crete at the Minoan palace of Knossos.


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