Lonely Planet Romania & Bulgaria 2013

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Two of Eastern Europe’s most intriguing and fun countries are united for the first time in one volume in this, the 2013 Lonely Planet guide to Romania and Bulgaria.

Despite partial appearances in regional guides, this book represents the first time in years that large parts of the country get the fuller treatment they deserve. chris-deliso-Lonely-planet-romania-bulgaria-2013A product of months of research, this multi-author project brings readers the best parts known and unknown in these neighboring Black Sea states.

For this guide, Chris Deliso reprised his role from the 2008 Bulgaria guide, taking the lay of the land in Central and Southern Bulgaria, while also working on something new- Romania’s gorgeous and offbeat Moldavia region in the northeast.

This book makes the perfect companion for anyone venturing into the southeastern stretches of Danubian Europe. Some highlights to point out from the above regions include:

  • The vibrant Painted Monasteries of Bucovina in Romania, fortress-like structures with frescoes inexplicably intact after five centuries
  • Eternal Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second city with Roman ruins, art galleries, plush digs and plenty to drink
  • The Rodopi spa village of Devin, in the lush southern mountains on the border with Greece
  • Bansko, the biggest and best Bulgarian ski (and apres ski) destination
  • Oddly likeable and landlocked Piatra Neamţ, a Romanian town cradled by hills and bisected by a gondola, with a faux-sand beach and spirited locals
  • Veliko Tarnovo, the city of the medieval Bulgarian tsars and one of the country’s most fun towns too
  • Student-friendly Iași, the Moldavian capital- a jumble of cultured monuments, alt rock bars, posh hotels and big green spaces


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