Lonely Planet Southeastern Europe 2013

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Lonely Planet’s first guide to Southeastern Europe organizes the countries of the region in a unique way, making them accessible for first-time and seasoned travelers alike.Lonely-Planet-Southeastern-Europe-Chris-Deliso The generous spread of sites across some of the most historically and culturally significant European countries is only matched by the excellent weather that they enjoy- making this a perfect book for those seeking to enjoy the mountains, canyons and beaches as well.

Coverage of SE European countries includes Albania, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey. This somewhat unusual publishing decision breaks new ground by uniting the former ‘Yugoslav space’ with the Eastern Balkans and Greece and Turkey. For historic and political reasons, these have been usually treated in separate editions so for this reason alone, it is a significant achievement.

For this guide, I was tasked with covering Macedonia, though it is certain that bits of my previous books’ coverage of Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania were also incorporated here and there too.

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