Lonely Planet The Europe Book 2008

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Take a journey through every country on the Continent without leaving your seat, with this gorgeous coffee-table book from the world’s premier travel publisher. In Lonely Planet’s The Europe Book, Chris Deliso wrote the text for the vibrant Serbia and Macedonia sections.

chrisdelisocom-lonely-planet-the-europe-book-pic-2008-231x300The Europe Book makes a perfect gift for both seasoned travelers and those still dreaming of making the trip. Patriotic Europeans too can enjoy showing off their national treasures to friends through this engaging book, for which Chris Deliso wrote the vivid section on Macedonia.

Short texts cover the basics of 52 European countries, which include states both unassuming (Andorra) and unlikely (far-off Greenland). The Europe Book offers brief histories, key facts, current trends and cuisine, music, fashion and more, presented by Lonely Planet’s professional travel writers. What really catches the eye, however, are the stunning photographs, capturing life on the old Continent in all its variety and color.

Step through the pages and be dwarfed by the Alps, blow your savings on a roulette table in Monaco, find a piece of the Berlin Wall and contemplate the Iron Curtain, and discover why Icelanders are the happiest people in the world. Let Lonely Planet show you this continent through new eyes and inspire you to embark on your own European journey.’

– from the book jacket


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