Lonely Planet The World’s Best Spicy Foods 2014

This guide is now a collector’s item. Get it while still available!

In The World’s Best Spicy Foods: Where To Find it & How To Make It, a selected team of Lonely Planet authors and staff scour the globe in search of the best hot dishes – both sides and mains – to tempt your palate.

This coffee table book is the follow up to the successful The World’s Best Street Food, according to the publisher. In the new book, readers are presented to 100 spicy dishes with historical and cultural information, as well as instructions on how to make it at home. Smart and evocative photography illustrate every dish.

For this book, I was asked to pitch in with a local Balkan specialty, and thus spread the word about Macedonian lutenica, a hot pepper dip that accompanies meats and cheeses.

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