Lonely Planet Turkey 2013

This guide is now a collector’s item. Get it while still available!

After months of research and preparation, the latest installment of Lonely Planet’s very popular guide to Turkey is here.

Lonely Planet Turkey 2013Weighing in at a solid 704 pages (with a color fold-out map of Istanbul), this book includes expert insight from eight authors, giving the lowdown on where and how to enjoy the best of Turkey’s myriad attractions- from the well-known tourist sites to off-the-beaten-track ruins and wilderness sites.

For the 2013 Lonely Planet Turkey guide, Chris Deliso wrote the  chapters on Western Anatolia and Ephesus, Bodrum, the South Aegean.

Other chapters offer coverage of Istanbul and Thrace in European Turkey, the Marmara region, Izmir, the North Aegean, Antalya, the Turquoise Coast and Eastern Mediterranean, Ankara, Cappadocia, the Black Sea Coast, as well as the Northeastern and Southeastern Anatolia. Full details are provided as usual on cuisine, culture, special events, history and activities in this fascinating and fast-changing but eternal land.

Highlights from the Western Aegean and Western Anatolia chapters include:

  • Enjoying fresh seafood on a beachfront restaurant in the Bodrum Peninsula’s far-flung coastal villages
  • Vivacious Eskişehir- the best Turkish city you’ve never heard of
  • Epic, lonely Sagalassos, a windswept mountaintop ancient city that could be out of Lord of the Rings
  • Sublime Eğirdir, a lakeside promontory town perfect for idle lazing in the sun, or hiking the St Paul Trail
  • Pamukkale – obligatory, but worth the warm waters and shimmering calcified views
  • Charming Muğla, brightened up by its old town, crafts scene and authentic traditional coffees
  • The stupendous ruins of Didynma’s Temple of Apollo and the fascinating little museum at nearby ancient Miletus.

These are just a few of the worthwhile places in a region chock-full of antiquities like restored Roman Ephesus and summer hotspots like Kuşadasi and Marmaris, the Ottoman- and Seljuk-flavored city of Bursa, and of course Bodrum, with its sophisticated nightlife and terrific underwater archaeology museum.

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