For commissioning editors

As a freelance, self-representing writer, I am glad to hear from commissioning editors. I have worked in all aspects of the writing, editing and publishing business and understand all the factors that go into making commissioning decisions and planning publication schedules. So do help me help you by being specific regarding the desired subject, tone and coverage type you need. Please supply samples of similar texts (unless it is a totally new series) as getting a good idea of the desired final product also saves a lot of time.

I am flexible, patient, easy to work with and committed to each project. And, since editors do not always have precise destination knowledge, I can suggest interesting angles, unique story leads and current trends and exciting new developments in the areas I cover.

To see examples of my work, visit Travel (for travel/culture articles), Guides (for travel books), Analysis (for analytical pieces) and Books (for fiction or other non-fiction books), as well as Pictures (for destination photos). Finally, the Places page offers some interesting tidbits indicative of the kind of regional and topical themes I usually work on.

Editors can contact me at cdeliso {at] (Exactly as spelled).