For commissioning editors

Having worked for many years in all aspects of the writing, editing and publishing business, I understand all the factors that go into making commissioning decisions and planning publication schedules. So, my job is to find creative solutions for text (and sometimes photo) content that makes your life as the editor a little bit easier.

I am flexible, patient, easy to work with and – most importantly – fully  committed to each project I take on. Achieving quality results is my primary concern.

Since editors do not always have precise topical or destination knowledge, or simply lack the time to finalize a concept, I can also suggest interesting angles, unique story leads and current trends and exciting new developments to create the most compelling and relevant stories possible.

To see examples of my work, visit Travel (for travel/culture articles), Guides (for travel books), Analysis (for analytical pieces) and Books (for non-fiction books), as well as Work in Progress (for fiction writing) and also Pictures (for destination photos).

Interested in a commission? Contact me by…

Email: cdeliso[at]

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