Key Analytical Questions: the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea Regions, 2020-2030

The following analytical questions, applied to an overlapping maritime region of vital strategic importance to major world powers in the decade ahead, are just some of many keeping analysts, policy planners, war gamers and business interests alike busy.

Some of these questions have never before been articulated in the terms presented, and as such bear further exploration.

In the months ahead, as the calendar turns toward the first key anniversary year (2021), I will further expand this page with key questions.

Provided in an easy-to-read, cpmtext-rich presentation, these questions will be of value for anyone interested in the regions regardless of expertise or affiliation. They are simply open questions designed to promote analytical thought and inform the existing discourse about them- not to prescribe specific solutions or offer opinions.


1.) How Could the Istanbul Canal Project Affect Regional Stability?

2.) How Will Natural Disasters and Environmental Issues Affect National Policies and Outcomes?  

3.) What Role Will Strategic Anniversaries Play in Regional Events?

4.) What Will Happen If Energy Disputes in the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea More Poiltical than Economic in Nature ?

5.) How Will Migration and Covid-19 Impact Eastern Mediterranean Ferry Linkages?

6.) Will Turkey’s Naval Power Doctrine Evolve towards an East Africa Operational Zone?