Lonely Planet Europe on a Shoestring

This authoritative guide (1,324 pp) to the old continent remains a perennial bestseller, providing the insights of some 36 professional travel writers into Europe’s biggest and best sights. For sheer breadth of coverage, it’s unmatched, and even despite the inability to get into great depth due to space limitations, Europe on a Shoestring nevertheless does get off the beaten track in places.

All the biggies are covered, from Parisian cafes and the Louvre to the Alps, Istanbul and the sights of  jolly old London town.  But you also get treated to info on perhaps unexpected places like Morocco. Andorra and the Vatican- all part of a geographical remit extending from Iceland to Cyprus.


For this book, Chris Deliso contributed the Macedonia chapter- abridged due to space requirements, yet still covering Skopje, Lake Matka, Ohrid, Bitola and Vevchani.

Like other Lonely Planet guides, Europe on a Shoestring is available for digital download- meaning if you’re only travelling to certain countries, you can pay for those chapters specifically and download them to your mobile device. Otherwise, be content in knowing you’ll be carrying a book big enough to crush any kind of insect or vermin that may have crawled into the camp tent or dorm.

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