The Treasure Hunt


I generally do not like to explain my writing. I find it self-aggrandizing, and a potential contaminant for the reader’s experience. But in this case it won’t hurt to provide a little background.

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Every Treasure Hunt Needs a Map

Over time I have noticed a tendency towards improvisation when I write, which often leads a line to become a story and sometimes to grow beyond that. More often than not the structure becomes expansive, as new characters and themes develop from established ones, though this is not always the case and some stories remain as short, as succinct and as disciplined as originally envisioned.

That is not the case with The Treasure Hunt, a work that will be in progress for some time to come. It started as a reflection on human nature, was then expected to be a simple short story, but is apparently developing into something more complicated. And perhaps even more exciting. I fear that it may even attain ‘mainstream popularity’ and I am thus seeking to, if not prevent this entirely, discover an antidote that would make it more difficult for the original spirit of the piece to be preserved in a cinematic adaptation.

In case this sounds somewhat opaque I could posit the assumption that some writers develop an idea within a genre, something popularly agreed and understood to be a category of texts which sometimes also comprises elements considered by publishers as ‘sub-genres.’ There is some amount of safety in this, since there are undeniable markets for such works and money to be made in satisfying them. I may only respectfully submit that the real treasure is not to be found there. I believe there is still value in trying harder and approaching the work without pre-conceptions. That is like a certain kind of travel, or music. And if it ends up as something that someone can categorize, there is no shame in that since the journey was unplanned.

In brief

What do you get when you throw together: a retired cryptographer with nothing to lose; an international playboy with simple appetites; a charming fanatic, championing a cause; a used-car salesman’s assistant, empowered through chance, and a small-town lawman eager to move up the ranks?

Confusion, deception and accidental death, most likely.

A handful of other characters also come and go in a tale that spans continents, desires, ways of seeing and ill-timed discoveries. Not much else is known at this point about the story, except that there is an operation, with a presumed leader and goal, though both within it and behind it things diverge… a classic story of nothing is what it seems, even more so the harder you try to look.

The final page of The Treasure Hunt is already known though how the story gets there and who gets out alive is still unknown.

More details to come…