The Treasure Hunt

What do you get when you throw together: a retired cryptographer with nothing to lose; an international playboy with simple appetites; a charming fanatic; an earnest young woman trying to make a difference; a used-car salesman’s dim-witted assistant, empowered through chance, and a small-town lawman eager to move up the ranks?

Confusion, deception and accidental death, all the collateral damage of a frantic and ever-multiplying treasure hunt.

A novel that spans continents, desires, ways of seeing and ill-timed discoveries, The Treasure Hunt is a classic tale of nothing being what it seems, even more so the harder you try to look.


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Every Treasure Hunt Needs a Map

The novel, which takes place in the year 2013, the year before the emergence of ISIS and total collapse of the international order began, is a riveting tale of adventure wedded with a merciless dissection of the personal and policy failures that allowed chaos and carnage to become the ‘new normal’ of Western society.

Starting out in the northeastern US state of Maine, continuing to Canada, Italy, Switzerland, the Balkans and the Middle East, The Treasure Hunt sheds light on the murky worlds of international arms trafficking, mining, terrorism, and even the secrets of militarized mathematics.

In the process,the book documents with keen and unforgiving scrutiny the choices and incompetence that took an already shaking world order and allowed it to fall off the edge.

As in The Man Without Qualities, which documented the last year of imperial Vienna, before the Austro-Hungarian Empire would crash out and a new order begin, this novel penetrates the thoughts and actions of a few random, average people, who become caught up in events larger than themselves.