The Work We Do

The Work We Do is a story of three parts, or three separate stories, whichever way you choose to look at it. It is sort of an unbalanced triptych, with one of the pieces substantially shorter than the other two, which are themselves unequal.

The Work We Do... is highly secretive
This is an unusual story which developed on its own. There was only one really clear part in the beginning, but even then the characters expanded and became foreign to me. Then there were totally other ones and it involved some welcome and unexpected research on things I never knew about before.

There is sort of a recklessness like that of gamblers defining the explorers and frauds found in this story, a desperation that is somehow admirable because of what happens to them. But the third part has its own different dynamic in which the theme of delusion becomes more painful though it is hinted that there is hope in the end, or for what is imminent after the story breaks off. If you pick up the reference from outside, that is.

More details to come…

PS a note on the image: it is real and still in use as far as I am aware. The object is in fact a do not disturb sign I brought back from one of those marvelous communist-flavored hotels that still linger on in Belgrade. The other side of the sign is green and it features a maid with a 50’s haircut, smiling and armed with a vacuum cleaner.

The image or its provenance have nothing to do with the story, save for the element of humor that arises from one of the dialogue lines in the central piece. And else perhaps for adhering to the concept of making do with what you have around you.