Work in Progress

Several major projects are moving along, in the non-fictional and fictional realms. Hope to have more info soon!

Fictional projections.

I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to devote to this side of things, but progress is being made, and in the upcoming year I hope to have some good results to share with readers.

The Work We Do... is highly secretive
Short stories: what we shall refer to as Book 1 will contain a range of regular stories, whereas what we shall call Book 2 has a more memoir characteristic about its items. Since short stories are the least commercially valued of pretty much all writing at the moment, it might take some time to see them, but eventually you will.

These stories were in various ways influenced by persons and places I have encountered, so it is no surprise that almost all take place in Europe. Still, many readers will be surprised, as beyond the level of setting there are quite a lot of themes and characters and emotions that are generally not possible to explore in the non-fiction writing for which I am known. But essentially my stories are all concerned with human relationships in the contemporary world, such as The Work We Do and its exploration of self-delusion as both magnificent and malign. It is my great hope that in due course I can make some of these stories available to the reader on this website.

Books: I am still hoping to write, whenever I have time, The Treasure Hunt. This will ideally be more of a literary thriller, based in the contemporary world of realpolitik and set in 2013- the year before the world started to go to hell rapidly.

It is about the series of connected (chance?) events that unfold after one retired spy, with much to be angry about, decides to run a small experiment. Naturally, things go wrong, or at least don’t end well for a number of people.

In the book, there will be plenty of action but there will also be enough other stuff so that in the end it will not resemble something that can be classified in terms of genre because it is my job to kill genres. Though for maximal enjoyment, readers should be up on their rare-earth elements, cryptography shop-talk, current events in security and espionage, not to mention ancient Stoic dictums.

Naturally, I will make updates and further information available about these and other projects when time permits.